Research Excellence in Aboriginal Child and Adolescent Health

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the life trajectories of Aboriginal children and adolescents by tackling the big four preventable causes of chronic disease: early childhood developmental delay, smoking, over/under nutrition, and injury.

Working together with a new generation of highly trained Aboriginal researchers we are embarking on a courageous 5-year research program to drive more equitable and accessible health and education services and improve the health of all Aboriginal people.

Co-designed with Community, focusing on the social determinants and underpinned by world class research evidence, CRE REACH brings together the expertise to design and test new approaches to policies and programs that will have an impact right now and well into the future.




CRE REACH is an NHMRC funded Centre of Research Excellence led by Professor Sandra Eades. Awarded in 2017 the five year work program will improve Aboriginal child and adolescent health through Aboriginal leadership and collaborative research teams. Bringing together a diverse group of leading public health researchers across more than a dozen separate research projects and four  priority themes CRE REACH is building the future Aboriginal research workforce while focusing on the policy sensitive risk factors for children and adolescents.


If you are interested in working with us there are many ways to get involved.

CRE REACH is looking for partners in policy, practice and community to join our advisory panels and reference groups.

There are also multiple post-doc positions, PhD scholarships and traineeships.

We invite you to explore our website and to get in touch.